Atnotes 9.5 allows you using virtual sticky notes on your desktop
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I think that all of you have ever used those small colored sticky notes to write down something important or just leave a message for another person. Absolutely free Atnotes 9.5 is software that allows you to use such sticky notes on your desktop. After installing and starting this application you will see a special icon in your tray. This icon is the main functional element of the whole program. Using its’ popup menu you can create a new note on your desktop and look through the list that contains all notes. Here you can also use a wide range of settings which allow customizing of program’s appearance and performance according to your demands. You can customize note’s color, size, transparency and such text formatting preferences like size, style, color, align and many more. The application includes a lot of useful features. For example, you can set alarm for each note if you don’t want to miss something really important. Atnotes 9.5 is light weight and doesn’t need a lot of system resources for proper performance. It also includes good detailed help files where you can find all information about the application.

Ilya Barmenkov
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