ATnotes 9.4

ATnotes has been designed to create electronic notes on your desktop
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ATnotes is distributed as freeware. This program has been designed to create electronic notes on your desktop, as an easy way to organize your events and reminders. This program creates an icon in the Taskbar, and its main menu includes tools to create new notes, paste notes, list notes from all folders, send notes to a computer name or IP address, show notes, show calendar, define settings and help display. You can also configure the mouse usage, hotkeys for commanding options, size of notes, transparency, font, text and background colors, alignments, saving options, sending and receiving parameters, setup the application to load automatically when you start sesion on your pc and open notes links.

One of the program's most remarkable features is the oganization of your daily events and the status of your notes by use of the notes list, which allows you to control and classify them. In addition, it is possible to set alarms to notes, adjust audio signals and limit timing options. The application includes a calendar to verify days with alarms.

This usefull application is by default only available in English and German, but you can download translation files for other languages. There are not many items placed on your desktop, because notes can be hidden and only shown in a special list. The interface is plain and simple, but quite friendly to use. The program is compatible with Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP.

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  • Alarms.
  • Pubication and status.
  • Calendar


  • You need to download another file for other languages.
  • Poor interface
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